El Paso’s LED billboard is 60 times brighter than allowed

El Paso’s new LED billboard (featured in my first post on La Palma Lightpollution) was still active on February 25 – despite a complaint filed by the OTPC, the IAC’s Sky Quality Protection Technical Office earlier this month. According to the OTPC, there is no response from the municipality yet, who is responsible for the billboard’s operation.

The municipality ‘s LED billboard in El Paso exceeds the allowed brightness by a factor of 60.

The OTPC told me the billboard does not comply with the Sky Law – it is simply too bright: The limit for advertising billboards at night is 50 cd/m^2, the one in El Paso exceeds this limit by a factor of 60. It is supposed to be switched of before 12 p.m., however, it should not be operating at all. (I write “supposed to be” because from personal experience, shut-off times are not respected too strictly on La Palma.)

While waiting for the municipality to respect the law, others already learned their lesson: A newly built supermarked, just a few meters from the above mentioned billboard, has been equipped with an even larger LED screen:

A newly built Spar supermarked in El Paso follows the bad example set by the municipality. On Monday evening, the LED screen was switched off, though.

I saw it active last sunday afternoon (with the shop closed, of course), but it was switched off when I came for a picture on Monday evening. May we dare to hope because Spar respects La Palma’s Sky Law..?

To be continued…

Continuation (1): According to information send to me by the OTPC, the Spar LED screen is supposed to be reduced in brighness to 50 cd/m^2 after dark and switched off completely no later than 12 pm. This would be acceptable, as light pollution experts recommend 100cd/m^2 as a maximum. Trust, but verify: Good I’ll be there frequently at night to check! No news from the municipality’s screen however.

3 thoughts on “El Paso’s LED billboard is 60 times brighter than allowed

  1. Hanno Falk March 1, 2019 / 12:14 am

    This is really a pain with those LED lights! Brighter than before and even cheaper – so there is no need to turn them off. They spoil our science and my hobby. In fact I have thievishly “disabled” some of them in my neighborhood…

    Greetings from Flensburg/Germany
    Hanno Falk


  2. Hanno Falk March 1, 2019 / 12:17 am

    … and kill our nature and ruin peoples sleep.


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