Los Llanos: An intelligently lit crosswalk

“Light only when you need it” is the most fundamental rule when it comes to outdoor lighting. This crosswalk in Los Llanos municipality on La Palma is a textbook example of how it’s done.

Intelligent lighting: This crosswalk is illuminated only when it’s used. Credit:
digna martín / youtube

The crosswalk’s illumination is turned on automatically each time a person intends to use it – and turned off otherwise. This creates a clear and highly visible warning to vehicle drivers, much more than a permanent illumination would do. As explained in this accompanying article, it works better than other crosswalks that are illuminated all the time. The crosswalk was installed at an accident-prone crossing where pedetrians have been involved in accidents before.

The municipality is open to use this technology at other places, the article concludes. However, with a cost of 8000€, it’s more expensive than regular (and less safe) illumination.

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