A network of 40 photometers to monitor La Palma’s night sky

A network of 40 photometers, to be distributed all over the island, will monitor the quality of the night sky over La Palma. Their data is supposed to be made public, and to contain real-time information about sky darkness, temperature, and cloud cover.

TESS photometers at the University of Madrid (image credit: Stars4All.eu)

This was annonced today in El Día (link in Spanish). The article is not specific about a time-frame, or how the data will be made available, but the photometer model in question is the TESS-W (Telescope Encoder and Sky Sensor) which was developed by astronomers of the Universidad Complutense in Madrid as part of the Stars4All project.

According to the article, the photometers are to be installed at the island’s astronomical viewpoints, among other places. Their data should help amateur astronomers to assess sky conditions in real time and to better plan observations, but will hopefully also be used to monitor the long-time overall sky quality and help to limit the advancement of light pollution!

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